Moisture-dependent physical properties of locust bean (Parkia biglobosa) seeds

Olajide Ayodele Sadiku, Isaac Bamgboye


Seed moisture content is significant in the handling and processing of seeds. This work therefore determined the physical properties of Locust bean seeds as functions of seed moisture content in the moisture range of 5.9 – 28.2% dry basis. Mohsenin, Stepanoff and ASAE standard methods were used in determining the properties. Increases in seed dimensions vitz length = 10.2±1.0 – 11.3±0.9 mm; width = 8.5±0.8 – 9.1±0.6 mm; surface area = 191.2±24.6 – 208.3±26.3 mm2; geometric mean diameter = 7.78±0.49 – 8.12±0.03 and arithmetic mean diameter = 8.06±0.56 – 8.34±0.49 mm were recorded. Seed thickness = 5.49±0.43 – 5.26±0.62 mm; sphericity = 0.75±0.04 – 0.71±0.03; true density = 1251.96±55.5 - 1222±62.16 kgm-3 and porosity = 48.4±2.14 – 41.9±3.78 decreased. Static coefficient of friction increased on plywood (0.5±0.02 – 0.6±0.01), glass (0.4±0.05 – 0.5±0.01) and decreased on aluminium (0.5±0.02 – 0.5±0.04). A data of the physical properties of Locust bean; Parkia biglobosa was developed. This is useful for the design and development of equipment necessary for its handling and processing.

Key words: Bulk density; Design, Locust bean; Porosity, Production process; Static friction

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First received: 13 August 2015 | Last revision received: 06 November 2015
Accepted: 10 November 2015 | Published online: 09 December 2015

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